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Tips: What To Do Right After You Are In A Car Accident

Tips: What To Do Right After You Are In A Car Accident

by Isabell Flores, Esq. of Law Offices of Isabell W. Flores, on December 2, 2012
Criminal Defense, DUI, Traffic, Personal Injury, Auto Accident, and Special Appearance Attorney and

Ok let’s get straight to it. So what do you do right after you are involved in a car accident to preserve your rights and to put yourself in the best possible position to handle your situation to your advantage?

Right After the Car Accident

·         First make sure you and any of your passengers are generally okay.

·         Try to remain calm to the best of your ability, so you can think as clearly as you can.

·         Try to move your vehicle out of traffic if possible. If you are physically able, and the car can be moved, get it onto the hard shoulder to help prevent a secondary accident. If you can however, GET A PHOTO (even on your cell phone) OF THE ACCIDENT SCENE, BEFORE YOU MOVE ANY OF THE VEHICLES.

·         Call the police as soon as you can. Many people feel that the damage isn’t bad enough or their injuries are not serious enough to get the police involved, so they simply exchange information and that’s it.  Things could go very wrong in these scenarios, but if you instead get a police report, you’ll be able to rely on it, if and when you decide to file a claim.

·         Exchanging information: It’s okay to exchange information with the other driver, but NEVER ADMIT GUILT or RESPONSIBILITY TO THEM. The same is true about the authorities: Don’t divulge any information that could implicate you legally, wait until you have a car accident lawyer on your side.  Our office provides FREE Consultations if you need to speak to someone regarding your auto accident or personal injury.

·         Get Witness Information: Get as many witness names and contact information and statements from the scene as you can, even if the police are on their way, just in case they need to leave the scene.

·         SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT RIGHT AWAY!!! If you haven’t been taken to the hospital emergency room already, you need to go and see a doctor. One of the worst mistakes that people make after a car accident is heading straight home afterward. Even if you think you feel fine or your just a little bit hurt or bruised up – GO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP!!!! At least within 72 hours of the accident, at the latest. Waiting more than 3 days could seriously hurt your case or your possible claim. People tend to think that they don’t feel too much don’t go and see a doctor. Many soft tissue and other internal injuries could take many days, weeks or even months to become obvious, but a doctor will be able to help spot them with an appropriate and early examination.  Again, no matter how unimportant your injuries may seem, GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!

·         DON’T RELY ON YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY!!! As the victim in a car accident, you should not rely on any insurance company – EVEN YOUR OWN!! – to protect your interests. Every insurance company has their own team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys assigned to auto accident claims. It does not hurt to consult an auto accident attorney immediately after an accident to make sure your rights are protected. INSURANCE COMPANIES PRIMARY GOAL IS TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY PAY FOR AUTO ACCIDENT VICTIMS LIKE YOU. Auto Insurance companies are a BIG business and they need to make money and they DO NOT make money by PAYING YOUR CLAIMS!!

·         INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! You should not give them any extra information, since they can easily bend it to hurt your claim. Call a personal injury or auto accident attorney FIRST!!! Most car accident attorneys will provide a free consultation.

(916) 779-4806 or (888) 687-6886: If you need to speak to an attorney you may call our office for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION. Whether you call our office or another attorney, you need to speak to an attorney regarding your accident to ensure you are preserving your rights they best way possible.