ISABELL FLORES - Sacramento DUI Attorney - (916) 779-4806 | Traffic Ticket Defense
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Traffic Ticket Defense



FREE CONSULTATION (916) 779-4806


If you have received a ticket or citation for any of the following traffic offenses, Sacramento Traffic Attorney Isabell Flores may be able to assist you with your case: Driving Without License or Driving on a Suspended License • Speeding • Minor Moving Violations Other Than Speeding • Reckless Driving • Exhibitions of Speed • Parking Tickets • “Correctable” Equipment Violations •Registration/Expired License violations.


If you simply don’t want to deal with your ticket issues and/or can deal with the emotional burden of taking care of everything and navigating the system, feel free to give me a call so I can help relieve some of your burden so you can sleep in peace at night.


For more specific information about the types of cases Ms. Flores handles, please contact her directly at (916) 779-4806 or Toll Free at (888) 687-6886.